Hanaoka Tax Advisor Office

The German tax and accounting Laws are different, even if you are familiar with Japanese accounting and taxation laws, you may still find it difficult to navigate the German system. It is advisable to seek advice from a German tax expert.
Miyuki Hanaoka, a certified German tax accountant, can assist you by eliminating the need for translation between German or English and Japanese. This will help your company save money and respond more quickly.

Difficult German tax laws in easy Japanese

German tax laws are considered very complex.
Miyuki Hanaoka, a Japanese tax accountant based in Germany,
provides assistance to Japanese businesses with simplified explanations of the German taxation, accounting, and payroll in Japanese.


New services

  • Process documentation service
  • Workshops for Accounting Staff


  • On December 8, 2023, we hosted a seminar on “Process Documentation, Wage Tax and Social Insurance Investigation Considerations”.
  • We took part in a tax seminar on “VAT Reverse Charge and ECSL” hosted by a recruiting firm on November 24, 2023.
  • A tax and accounting seminar was organised by the Hanaoka Tax Office on 30 October 2023.


  • In July 2024 we will open a new office in Opernturm, in the heart of Frankfurt. We are also looking for office staff to support our team.
  • Our latest client newsletter is now available! Stay up to date with the latest developments in tax law.



  • Preparation of monthly payslips and social insurance declarations.
  • Preparation of wage tax returns and annual wage tax certificate, which also includes year-end adjustments.
  • Preparation and submission of additional annual salary certificates to the tax authorities.
  • Support for social insurance investigation and wage tax investigation.



  • Bookkeeping and billing support
  • monthly and quarterly reports
  • Monthly VAT returns
  • Preparation of ECSL/Intrastat
  • Consolidated reports
  • Reporting support to Japan head office
  • Introduction and explanation of UN-Online


Budget Management Services

  • Aggregation and analysis of historical data
  • Creation of a budget for the forthcoming year (P&L, cash flow statement, simplified balance sheet)
  • Rolling business forecast (quarterly update of annual budget)
  • Management of forecasts and actuals
  • Analysis of aggregated data
  • Generating reports
  • Data management using BI software


Financial report preparation support

  • Financial statements preparation
  • Financial reports preparation
  • Disclosures for financial statements



Corporate tax, trade tax and VAT annual tax returns

  • Preparation of annual tax returns for corporate tax, trade tax, and VAT
  • Preparation of E-Balance sheet
  • Mapping process of E-balance sheet for non-DATEV entries.


Income tax return preparations

  • Expatriates’ personal income tax returns preparations
  • Local staff personal income tax returns preparations
  • Objections
  • Appraisal Review
  • Correspondence with Tax authorities


Tax Advisory

  • Appraisal reviews and objections
  • Correspondence with Tax authorities
  • Responding to inquiries and tax audits from tax authorities
  • Transfer Pricing and international Tax Advisory


Internal audit/JSOX-related engagements for overseas subsidiaries

  • JSOX related engagements
  • Voluntary internal audit work based on client’s request
  • Support design and implementation of Internal audit
  • Establish regulations for overseas subsidiaries (sale, purchase, shares, funds, fixed assets, personnel, accounting, etc.)
  • Support for designing governance systems for overseas subsidiaries


Company incorporation service

  • Visa application support
  • Tax number registration support
  • Labour insurance registration support
  • Company number acquisition support
  • EORI number acquisition support
  • Business registration support


Workshops for Accounting Staff and Accounting Assistants

  • Beginner Bookkeeping Seminar
  • Intermediate Bookkeeping Seminar
  • Introductory VAT Seminar
  • Intermediate VAT Seminar


Process documentation service

  • Preparation of Process Documentation
  • GoBD Compliant Bookkeeping Advisory Services
  • Process Documentation Updating Services


E-Commerce Support

  • E-commerce tax advice
  • Tax Registration Support
  • Tax Filing Service
  • EORI number registration