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Budget Management Services (Management Accounting Service)

We can provide you with an analysis of historical figures from German financial statements and a Management Report for reporting to Japan HQ.

We will assist you in the preparation of the necessary information that will be asked at the Management Review meeting (e.g. variances compared to historical figures).


Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions section on Management Accounting service

Q. To create a budget, what information should I provide?

A. Essential components:

  • Provide historical data (*Not required for clients who are already receiving bookkeeping/payroll services from our office.)
  • Sales Budget
  • Purchasing plan (*If you are purchasing from the Japanese HQ, there may be jointly agreed figures.)

When feasible:

  • Inventory management plan (maintain present position/reduce surplus of inventories, etc.)
  • Human Resources Management (hiring plans, increasing the number of expatriates, etc.)
  • Capital expenditure plans (computers, system & software, office furniture, fixtures and equipment, etc.)
  • Exhibition participation plans (e.g., Messe)

We leverage historical data and expertise to tailor personalised recommendations that align perfectly with our customers’ specific needs.

Q. How often is Budget Performance Management (BPM) carried out and rolled out?

A. We support customer requests on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Q. Please explain the service procedure.


  1. Providing required information
  2. Preparation of draft report
  3. Where appropriate, clarification of points and data verification
  4. Preparation of budget report
  5. Q&A’s regarding the report etc.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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