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Process documentation service

Benefit from our expertise in formulating essential ‘process documentation,’ a requisite under GoBD standards.

This documentation is pivotal for potential tax audits and serves as a benchmark for your company’s internal assessment of adherence to GoBD standards in bookkeeping and voucher management.

Our proficient team will guide you through a meticulous documentation process, aligning your information with a structured questionnaire. The finalized documentation will be promptly delivered, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. In addition to documentation, our team conducts a rigorous review, identifying any processes that may deviate from GoBD compliance. We provide professional advice to enhance and align your practices with GoBD standards, ensuring not only compliance but optimization of your operational protocols. Trust us to elevate your business practices with precision and professionalism.


Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions section on process documentation service.

Q. What is the GoBD?

A. GoBD stands for “Principles for the Storage and Preservation of Books, Records, and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access”.
These principles are established by tax authorities to regulate all requirements related to accounting and associated data.

Q. How long does it take to prepare process documentation?

A. The process documentation typically takes approximately two months from the submission of the questionnaire.

Q. Does the process documentation need to be updated?

A. Yes, it is recommended to update the process documentation at least once per year to ensure its relevance and compliance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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